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Website Design

ETL Construction needed a website design that reflected the quality of the work they do and that helped distinguish them from other contractors in the same field. We responded by creating a clean website design, removing all the distracting, loud design style employed by many construction firms. Utilizing a classic monochromatic color palatte, the website imparts a feel of understated elegance and distinguishes ETL from other companies in their field.

Search Engine Optimization

ETL operates out of two highly competitive geographic areas. Their Savannah, GA location focuses on historic preservation while their Athens, GA location focuses on custom home building. While both locations face a lot of competition, the Savannah location is exceptionally competitive for historic preservation search results.

Bond Creative Group built the website with SEO in mind from the beginning. Using only on-page SEO techniques - not relying on expensive backlink campaigns or even social media efforts - we were able to develop search optimized content on a solid website structure that has successfuly placed our client at the top of results pages for their most competitive key phrases.

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