About the Lake Oconee Food & Wine Festival Project

Our Roll Included

Results Gained From Our Work

Like many of our clients, Lake Oconee Food & Wine Festival has been with us for a long time, over five years in fact! The nonprofit first reached out to BCG when they needed a new website design, and needed it fast. We delivered a great website within a two-week period. Since then we have re-designed the site and continue to provide advertising, content writing, website management and ticketing management support for this amazing festival.

By utilizing a strategic approach to the festival's ticketing management we have been able to save the organization thousands of dollars in sales transaction and registration fees compared to their previous system. All the while creating a secure environment for their online ticket sales, virtually eliminating security issues and keeping their customer data safe.

Search Engine Optimization

From a search optimization perspective, BCG has helped Lake Oconee Food & Wine Festival rank well for competitive key phrases, helping event information be found by new audiences and expanding the organization's reach.

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